Hemadri Cements Ltd., located as Jaggayyapet in Andra Pradesh. The plant was commissioned in March 1985.

The manufactured cements for surpass all the stringent quality Control parameters set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (B.I.S) and the Research & Consultancy Directorate.

Both Hemadri 43 Grade and Hemadri Gold 53 Grade O.P.C are manufactured using Vedadri Lime Stone, renowned to be one of the best lime stones available in the country. The result is cement which has a high compressive strength, consistency and chemical characteristics for superior to any other brand available in the market.

Selective mining from captive mines ensures that only limestone of the highest quality (Ca0 content of 48-53%) is used. This ensures that CS and CS2 are maintained at a high percentage and optimum proportion, so as to give a consistently high final compressive strength of Hemadri Cement surpasses all the other brands available in the market.

Another factor responsible of enchancing the quality of Hemadri Cement is the use of good grade coal in buring the calcareous and argillaceous raw materials used in its manufacture. This coal having a low ash content (only 2.4%) reduces coal ash contamination of cement and enhances its compressive strength. Hemadri Cement, owing to its consistently high CS and CS2 contents develops a phenomenal load bearing very early. Its 1,3,7 & 28 days strengths are higher than any other than any other brand in the same category.